CSD Group focuses on providing customized project management solutions for clients by applying our thorough understanding of the industry. We offer a range of services tailored to each individual client. We may be considered to provide services for ground-up projects or for renovation of existing projects.

Project clients that benefit most of CSD Group’s development services include land owners and project developers who seek:

  • Assistance in all development matters, since the project is the first of its kind
  • Logistical support in the undertaking of a green field development in stages & phases
  • Assistance in project management and project controls expertise for project development
  • Assistance with development products mix, project definition and project program
  • Assistance in specific local/international aspects of a project development
  • Staff augmentation when a project seeks additional support


CSD Group provides project management services and expertise in the implementation of the development of a project. In this role, CSD manages the process and, acting as the owner’s representative, oversees the entire project, including pre-development and development stages. Our goal is to keep the project on time and on budget.

Project Pre-Development

CSD Group undertakes all pre-development assignments for a development including economic, market and finance feasibility and analysis; architectural concept; land planning; engineering; valuations; product recommendations, and related studies. We assist project clients in the preparation of a business plan, in the selection of operating companies, in the preparation of marketing and finance plans, and assemble the required information for project financing — a pre-requisite to financing a development.

Project Development Phase

CSD Group oversees the entire development of a project in the development phase, including negotiating contracts for final design and construction; monitoring compliance with all contracts; producing and overseeing work schedules, and monitoring construction draws.

Project Promotion

CSD Group assists in the creation of a marketing plan specific to your project, which could be designed to promote it to end-users through a network of brokers specializing in a specific product. All collateral material, brochures, advertising and public relations are created by experts selected and managed by CSD Group to ensure maximum impact at minimal cost.

CSD-Group has experience in customizing the delivery process to maintain scope, cost and schedule applied in various delivery methods such as Design & Build, EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), Lump-Sum, CM Multiple Prime Contracts, and Cost-Plus.

Our objective is to always find the optimal combination of scope, quality, safety, cost and schedule that represents the best value for your capital asset investment.

Advisory Services

Our Construction Project Management Advisory Services are designed to manage complexity by acting as an extension of the project client’s key staff. We can be retained to assist in the concept development, conceptual estimating, feasibility studies, scheduling, value management and value engineering. Through our consulting services, we give the project client the option of tailoring our services to provide the best combination of project control and cost.

Project control is a critical element of any project. Making sure that the project development is kept on track, on time and within budget requires a thorough understanding of the business environment. At the same time, each project requires a different level of control depending on its complexities and unique circumstances.

Cost Control

Our experience in design and construction allows us to provide proactive, early intercession and advice. We identify, quantify and resolve issues with potential cost implications to your project. Our cost control services provide early budget confirmation and coordination, which may be provided at various stages in the project: concept, design and construction. Our design and constructability analysis allows us to dramatically reduce the potential for surprises and claims, which can substantially impact the success of your project.

We are experienced in managing No-Change-Order contracts.


Our scheduling services utilize state-of-the-art computer systems to develop a master project schedule as well as individual schedules for each construction package. Schedules are developed to prioritize the implementation of the most critical activities and sequence construction for the most economical cost and least disruption to the site. A design-phase schedule is developed at the outset, leading to a construction schedule for construction, bids and contract negotiations. Working alongside the contractor, we make sure that the contractor has accurately developed the sequencing and phasing of all construction tasks. Our services include monthly reviews and schedule updates to identify any conflict at the earliest stage.

Contract Management

CSD Group is experienced in multifaceted national and international contracting processes. We provide a full scope of pre-award and post-award contracting activities to maximize your financial and operational performance. We manage and review all contracts and change orders for completeness and accuracy, and recommend approval of legitimate changes to the project client. All contract activities are tracked and managed in real time, providing you with immediate up-to-date information on all activities. Our ultimate goal is to reduce risk exposure to the project client.